About Operation Smoke Storm
Every day in the UK over 900 school children (aged under 16) try smoking!
Operation Smoke Storm is a brand new style of learning resource which targets this problem by creating a lifesaving shift in young peoples' attitudes towards smoking and the tobacco industry.
Developed with Department of Health funding, Operation Smoke Storm has shown to improve student attitudes and misconceptions held about smoking by as much as 39%, as well as increase awareness of key smoking issues by 77%!

Operation Smoke Storm resources have been geared so that they are suitably tailored to either primary or secondary schools.

Operation Smoke Storm comprises of 5 principal resource components:
• 3 separate 50 minute sessions which can be delivered consecutively over 3 PSHE sessions or during an entire curriculum free day (relevant curriculum links are provided)
• 1 Family Component – a take home booklet
• 1 Booster Component – a follow up interactive session usually delivered one year after the original three sessions have been presented

The original 3 sessions are framed like an interactive game, students are encouraged to “blow the lid” off this unscrupulous industry by role playing as secret agents, combining shrewd thinking with undercover skills in order to achieve their classroom mission objective: Infiltrate a fictional tobacco company posing as job interview candidates, gathering sensitive company secrets, before then reporting back on its dangerous products and unethical business practices.
Each of the 3 sessions extend beyond delivering the conventional message that smoking is bad for you and stimulates righteous outrage by exposing the darker, more sinister side of the tobacco business it would prefer us not to hear.

Operation Smoke Storm Family Component is a take-home booklet designed to engage students and parents in discussing the anti-smoking and tobacco related topics.
It comprises of ten pages and contains a series of interactive activities each covering a different smoking-related issue pertinent to young people.

Operation Smoke Storm Booster Component was designed to create classroom discussion about unscrupulous tobacco industry practices that target young people. It focuses on tobacco marketing strategies from the perspective of a tobacco industry executive and marketing company, as well as a health campaigner, both seen through the eyes of a teenager and reported direct to camera in the form of a social media blog.
It is delivered over a 40-minute interactive session, which can optionally be extended to an hour. In this session the teacher streams an online multimedia presentation and displays this on an overhead projector screen at the front of the class. The teacher navigates through the presentation, playing video clips and pausing to facilitate activities and discussions. Clear teacher instructions and booklets for students are provided.

Additional information

• Stop Smoking Service professionals from Hammersmith & Fulham’s Stop Smoking Service were commissioned by the Department of Health to produce this fully interactive, low cost learning resource.

• Operation Smoke Storm incorporates key recommendations laid down by NICE guidance (2010) on effective school-based interventions which prevent smoking uptake in young people.

• In-depth feedback from a range of ‘Youth’ and ‘Teacher’ focus groups were referenced in the development of Operation Smoke Storm to ensure it met both teacher and student needs.

• Operation Smoke Storm has already proven very popular with 95% of Stop Smoking Services in London having signed up to use it in their local schools along with Hampshire’s PCT and other schools located in Manchester, Surrey, Somerset, Hull, Suffolk, Bedfordshire and Cambridge.

Common issues addressed by Operation Smoke Storm

• Effective smoking prevention resources are hard to find and can be costly.
Until recently, the tools available to help combat the issue of teen smoking in schools have been limited, ranging from basic educational videos (which offer little engagement potential) to more interactive but very costly peer led programmes. Operation Smoke Storm now offers an affordable, fully interactive solution which can change young people’s attitudes for a lifetime without smoking from only £1.57 per child!

• Stop Smoking Services have limited staff resources to assign to smoking prevention.
Using the latest in multi-media technology, the core messages of Operation Smoke Storm can be delivered by Teachers or Youth Club Workers without the need for any prior subject knowledge or enhanced technical ability. Only the minimum of preparation and effort is needed, as simple, step by step instructions provide strong visual cues in the form of onscreen icons.

• Effectively engaging students in the topic of smoking is difficult.
Operation Smoke Storm’s online sessions include a mix of well proven learning techniques such as personal reasoning, problem solving, and group collaboration activities; all of which tap into a range of different learning styles and encourage students to take ownership of their personal learning journeys. This enables teachers to stimulate truly effective learning, by moving students beyond a state of passive listening to one of enthusiastic participation.

Membership & Download costs
‘The membership level required to access each resource is highlighted underneath it and shown as either ‘Trial Member’ or ‘Paid member’. Individuals trialing the resource for free can only use ‘Trial Member’ resources and will not be able to gain access to any ‘Paid Member’ resources. When registered users (paid up) click on a 'Paid Member' resource, it’s Download Cost (expressed in credits) is automatically deducted from their weekly budget.

When a user registers then they are allocated a budget of 18 credits. This credit budget is automatically refreshed each week (every Sunday). The current budget is shown on the right hand side of the page when members login and indicates the number of available credits remaining at that point. The automatic refresh facility will expire 12 months after registration unless paid membership has been renewed. Note: Only teachers/youth workers employed by your school/youth club are permitted to use your login details to access Operation Smoke Storm. Please be aware that sharing your login details with any individual outside of your establishment will not only reduce the number of times you can access the resource yourself but may even result in your access being terminated.

Flash Player & Sound level check
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Running sessions
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Free Trial Resources:
1. Click on ‘FTR TEACHER NOTES’ and then print document (use to guide yourself through ‘TRIAL SESSION 1’).
2. Click on ‘FTR STUDENT BOOKLET’ and then print document (gives an idea of what students need to complete during the PAID SESSION 1).
3. Click on ‘FTR SESSION 1’.

Primary or Secondary School Resources:
1. Click on ‘Run Test’ link above (adjust sound levels and check that your computer can play the flash video sessions ok).
2. Click on 'TEACHER NOTES' and then print document (keep Teacher notes for yourself).
3. Click on 'STUDENT BOOKLET' (photocopy enough so that each student has a copy).

Further help
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