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Hi again, We started this week, absolutely brilliant! The pupils love it! Such a great resource. Many thanks

Helen Whiterod
Great Torrington School, Devon

The resource was received extremely well by students; it was a welcome change from their usual lessons and they looked forward to each session. From a teacher’s perspective, it was well organised and simple to deliver. Thank you

Michelle Bratton
Ringwood School – A National Teaching Academy, Hampshire

I just wanted to say thank you for your assistance with operation smoke storm. It was easy for the staff to use (even the luddites loved it!) The resources were well structured and of a high standard. Students enjoyed the concept of the scenario and really engaged with it. Overall it was a success and something I hope to use in future events.

Rob Morgan
Churchill School, North Somerset

I thought your resource was a very useful addition to the school's anti-smoking PSE package, and the students enjoyed the high-quality technical aspects of the presentation/activity. Best wishes

John Renouf
Les Quennevais School, Jersey


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Fact Man

Land-Page-Background-(OSS-factman)-v1This is a bit of light hearted fun for you to print and to give to your students. A practical 'cut out' for them to construct, as a lead in to the deeper subject of the smoking industry in order to discover this whole subject area.

Use this ‘Big Tobacco’ executive to expose the inside truth about the industry and its attitude towards customers.

Make him from the template we will supply you with access to, attach a quote and leave him somewhere prominent to remind you of the truth, or for someone else to discover.

This action makes the tactics of Big Tobacco conscious in the mind, weakening their power and effectiveness.

Complete the form above and we will send you the link in order to be able to print these off.


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